Bodybuilding Training to Define

It’s time to set, leaving your muscles more apparent and showing everyone the result of your effort in the gym. But after all, what should training be for definition? Keep reading the article and know our tips.


If you train seriously in the gym you probably have one of the following goals:

  • You want to gain muscle
  • You want to burn fat and get a body set

When it comes to gaining muscle mass, most people have a good knowledge base on what needs to be done. Enough weight, with enough intensity, moderate repetitions, compound exercises, with progression every week.

How to Define Muscles

When it comes to definition, most bodybuilders, including some “instructors” (I say instructors in quotation marks because they should not even be called by that name) follow a completely wrong path.

I do not even know where this myth began to speak the truth, but this idea that “heavy weights / fewer repetitions builds muscle and light weights / many repetitions burns fat” unfortunately is still the thinking of most bodybuilders, which explains the lack of result among many of them.

When it comes time to burn fat and set the body, these people will lower their weights, increase repetitions, and do more insulating exercises, believing it will “set the muscles.”

Training for Definition?

This “training for definition” chat is completely wrong and will not help at all in your goal. There are only two things you can do with your muscles: You can increase them, or decrease them.

There is  no  exercise that defines, models or sculpts a muscle and there is no training technique that will magically define muscle. The definition of muscle is a result of the amount of muscle mass you have in relation to body fat. The lower your body fat, the more defined your muscles will be. The higher the body fat, you will appear less defined. It’s that simple.

In addition, it is also not possible to focus on fat loss in a certain area of ​​the body with weight training, such as “localized fat loss”. It simply does not exist.

Fat loss occurs when you put your body into a  calorie deficit , consequently burning more calories than you consume through eating. This is only possible by reducing the amount of calories ingested daily and increasing caloric expenditure, either through aerobic exercise or even just with exercise with weights.

Training Definition

What have we learned so far?

  • There is no way to set certain muscle through training. Muscles can only be increased or decreased. The definition occurs with the loss of fat that involves the muscle.
  • Fat loss is only achieved with a calorie deficit, causing fat burning to occur in the body as a whole. Localized fat loss is not possible.

But after all, if I already follow a correct diet, consuming less calories than spent, what is the best way to train if my focus is muscle definition?

There is no special technique. You must follow the same logic as when your goal was to gain size / strength. Train heavy (heavy enough for your level, obviously), moderate amount of repetitions, compound exercises and focus on improving or maintaining your strength levels every week.

It is important to note that unless you have an extraordinary genetics or are a complete beginner, it is very difficult to gain muscle while you are in a caloric deficit. Your goal during the setting phase is to maximize fat burning while maintaining as much of the lean mass you already have.

This is why a well structured workout is mandatory during the fat loss phase. You need to provide the muscles with an  adequate stimulus  so that your body understands the need to  maintain muscle mass  even if it is in a caloric deficit, thus avoiding loss of muscle mass. Certainly your goal is not to look “skinny”, but rather the most apparent and prominent muscles. This is why it is recommended to continue training as heavy as possible (respecting the perfect execution of the exercise), just like the “conventional” workout you have always used to gain muscle mass.

Definition is Quickly Possible

Now, if your goal is to define and lose weight quickly, we recommend that you follow a weight loss method like the Weight-Loss Code of Time (click), which consists of some super advanced techniques that, when followed, greatly accelerate this process, both for who wants to gain muscle like who wants to have a tan. We recommend that you watch the video that is also on the link to understand more clearly how this method works. Already it is turning fever in the academies of all Brazil!


Training Define

As you reduce the fat layer, with the correct diet week after week and heavy training, the definition of muscle is gradually achieved. Have dedication and patience!

When you follow that wrong idea of ​​lowering weights and doing many repetitions (for many, say 15 or more), the result will be a smaller stimulus for muscle, increasing the chances of losing muscle mass.

Adriano Antonio Rodrigues Silva

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