kosher diet: what is it and how to do it?

The Kosher diet is the practice of preparing foods according to Jewish dietary laws extracted from the Torah (holy book), establishing foods that are allowed and forbidden. There are some types of meat released to be consumed, such as cattle and game that have split hooves (hoof in its paw that separates it from the ground).

what foods are allowed in the kosher diet?

To be allowed to be consumed, slaughter can not cause pain to animals and must be done in such a way that unconsciousness is instantaneous and death occurs rapidly.

kosher animals:

  • Bulls;
  • Cows;
  • Sheep;
  • Lambs;
  • Goats;
  • Calf;

kosher birds:

  • Goose;
  • Duck;
  • Chicken;

milk and dairy products:

  • Milk and by-products must be derived from Kosher animals and contain no additives and meat products or derivatives (cheeses produced with animal fats).

only fish with fins and scales can be consumed:

  • Tuna fish;
  • Salmon;

foods that grow on soil or on plants, shrubs or trees that are kosher:

  • Fruits;
  • Vegetables;


  • Beverages made from grape derivatives or grape derivatives can only be drunk if the grapes come from a Kosher winery.


  • Kosher bird eggs are allowed as long as they contain no blood.

what is not allowed in the kosher diet?

  • Insects and animals that have very short legs or large amounts of paws are not Kosher. Vegetables, fruits and other products should be protected from such insects;
  • You can not sow two kinds of seeds in a field or in a vineyard;
  • Fruit trees planted in the last three years can not be consumed;
  • Forbidden birds: eagle, owl, swan, pelican, vulture and stork (including eggs);
  • Milk and by-products must derive from Kosher animals and contain no additives;
  • Milks and meats can not be cooked together, served together at the same table and consumed at the same time. After the meat meals, it is necessary to wait for 1 to 6 hours (depending on the custom) to consume milks and derivatives (after the consumption of milk, it is not necessary interval for the meat to be consumed).
  • Crustaceans such as shrimp, crabs, mussels and lobsters are prohibited.

how to know if foods are within kosher laws?

It is necessary that foods with Kosher origin be labeled indicating that it is a Kosher food (food verified and approved by an Orthodox Rabbi).

why follow kosher laws and what are their benefits?

In terms of nutrition, the Kosher diet does not offer significant changes. The great difference lies in the provenance and reliability, with strict safety and quality standards required for sale.

Adriano Antonio Rodrigues Silva

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