How to Lose Weight Without Hunger

It sounds crazy, but studies prove what we’ve heard and sometimes ignore because it’s hard to believe. Experts say that to lose weight you need to eat more often and in less quantity. The ideal is to eat every 3 hours to have a longer lasting result in weight loss.

Most people who are above their ideal weight and need or want to lose weight believe that jumping meals will have results, but the result turns out to be the opposite of expected ie a weight gain ends up happening …


If you eat only 3 times a day, for example (coffee, lunch and dinner), you will eat in excess of what your body needs, resulting in a buildup of nutrients in the form of fat.

This happens due to the prolonged period of fasting, the body “saves” extra fat for possible situations of scarcity. That’s why people who eat less often tend to have a greater accumulation of fat. In addition to the symptoms of weakness, dizziness and malaise caused by prolonged fasting.

Now if you start feeding yourself every 3 hours for example, you will not have this accumulation of fat, your metabolism will be faster and as a result you will have a faster digestion.

Those who feed more often in the day and at a shorter interval, feel less hunger at the main mealtime, thus gaining a greater sense of satiation. In addition to eating only what is necessary to stay well during the day.

Several studies show that the ideal interval of one meal and another is 3 hours, that is, when more than 3 hours goes by without feeding the human organism activates a natural mechanism against the ananição.

How Aananion Influence on Weight Loss

First we need to understand that ANANITION is a state in which the person is extremely weakened by lack of food that we call MPI

When MPI is activated the body believes that it is hungry, and does everything to preserve the richest calorie tissue to ensure its survival, this tissue is the “fat”, that is, your body will begin to store fat and in its place consumes the muscle tissue that burns fat.

“You may be losing weight on the scale, but not in a healthy way, but losing muscle tissue and not fat.”

This lean mass is what controls your metabolism in addition to burning calories so you should NOT stay more than 3 hours without eating.

Realize that the big villain in this case is not the fat, but the time at which you eat.

Eating every 3 hours plus other factors helps to let your metabolism always accelerate, so you can burn calories and lose weight the right way.

So How to Lose Weight Every 3 Hours x Slow Metabolism

If you are on a diet but do not have the habit of eating every 3 hours the result may even be appearing but in the long run you will have difficulty losing weight and will probably recover everything much of what you lost and your metabolism will be very slow and you will not be able to burn this fat.

This is why you need to create a habit of eating every 3 hours and this means that in the intervals of the main meals that will be balanced, you must add a fruit, natural juice, teas, cereal bar or other food that complies with your health proposal for weight loss, always remembering not to exceed 3 hours between meals.

“We hope we have added more important and useful information for you to lose weight in a healthy way.
Be sure that this is the purpose of this blog … so how about starting today? ”

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Adriano Antonio Rodrigues Silva

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