diet for runners: check feeding tips

In recent years, the number of riders has increased considerably, and with it the doubts about proper nutrition for this mode as well. We know that diet and nutrition have to be individualized for each runner, since each one has its particularities like age, sex, weight, time and intensity of physical activity, however it is possible to structure basic suggestions that fit all profiles.

The diet of joggers has to be balanced and for this must include healthy and varied foods, thus offering the basic nutrients in adequate quantity, meeting the energy needs. Complex carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes and whole foods, proteins such as chicken, fish, eggs and also fiber should be included during the day. In addition, it is important to perform adequate hydration by taking at least 2 liters of water per day and also feeding properly every 3 hours.

Running along with healthy eating offers many benefits, such as improved quality of life, stress relief, and weight loss.

what to eat before you run?

In order to get a good performance in the race, it is necessary to consume foods that generate energy quickly for the body. Choose carbohydrates with low or moderate glycemic index, for example sweet potatoes, whole grain breads, juices. Avoid exaggerated consumption of protein, fat and fiber in the pre-workout as it can cause gastric discomfort that will impair performance.

Make a light meal 40-60 minutes before exercise and do not forget the hydration, thus staying healthy and avoiding complications such as hypoglycemia.

what to eat after you run?

The feeding after the race is very important and should be done soon after the end of the exercise in order to avoid complications and muscle loss, catabolism. At that time carbohydrates with higher glycemic index, such as rice and pasta, honey, fruits, along with good sources of protein like chicken, cheese, fish, red meat are suggested. In relation to protein supplements, the indication may or may not be made and should be evaluated individually by a nutritionist.

hydration and racing

Not all physical activity practitioners give due importance to water intake, but should be done properly so as to avoid dehydration, which can be very harmful.

Before running, it is recommended to inject 200-400ml of water 30-60 minutes before the race. And in the post-workout, hydration is also indispensable. As a hint it is suggested that the individual check their weight before and after running, and for every pound lost during exercise it is recommended to ingest 1 liter of water. If the activity is very intense, the consumption of hydroelectrolytic repository may be indicated.

Adriano Antonio Rodrigues Silva

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