5 fitness apps to help with training

Cell phones have long since ceased to be used just to make calls. With the constant advances of technology, new resources come every day to make life easier and more practical, even when it comes to exercising. In terms of fitness, there are applications for everything: controlling your heart rate, offering exercise programs, and even knowing the miles traveled during a race or a walk.

Hard to decide which is the ideal app, right ?! Calm! To help you choose the best option according to your goal, we have made a selection of fitness applications that are conquering the galley! Look that:

Runtastic : shows in real time the distance covered in a race or walk, in addition to the duration and maximum and minimum speeds. As a matter of fact, you can share this information with your friends through social networks.

Nike Training Club : The application allows you to create personalized trainings according to your goals, like slimming, gaining muscle or just keeping fit. To do this, it offers videos and explanatory audios and also allows you to choose between the beginner, intermediate and expert levels. You can also choose the music you want to hear while performing the exercises.

Instant Heart Rate : To find out how you are doing for physical activity, the application identifies your heart rate before, during and after training, without the need for any other equipment.

Pocket Yoga : Through images and illustrations, the application shows practices with different difficulty levels and durations in 27 sessions to learn or improve basic yoga techniques.

Crossfit Travel : developed especially for those who travel a lot, the application brings exercises that can be done anywhere, even in small spaces and without the aid of handsets. You can also share your performance through social networks.

There’s no excuse for leaving the exercises aside, huh ?! Have you tried any of these applications or do you have any other suggestions? Tell us in the comments!

Adriano Antonio Rodrigues Silva

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